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Higitus Figitus

Remember the Disney movie "The Sword in the Stone"? Well in it, Merlin, after being asked to teach baby King Arthur, needs to pack up all his wizardly belongings and owl, Archimedes- and because he's a wizard there is a convenient little spell to do this for him.  Observe:

At this point, if having that ability meant growing a beard like Merlin, I would still take it. 

So far this week has been fun and busy, I got to see a lot of my friends, hang out with family, and finalize a few things with our vendors.  Yesterday Ms. Kathey took me to Walnut Creek to pick out a special perfume for the wedding- something I hadn't even thought about! It was a fun experience, I must admit I had NO idea that selecting a perfume was so complicated.  The consultant, a lively Colombian woman named Sylvia, asked all kinds of questions; about the weather, my dress, my hair, my favorite flowers, etc., etc. Chance by Chanel was the winning one!

Full disclosure, I'm only writing this post to avoid dealing with this: 

Even if this little ham is helping!


My family is pretty cool

 A complimentary soda tasting! How cute!
 My lovely Megan <3

Wine tasting for Father's Day was SO much fun! We hit up a few places in Sonoma, and even though the weather was beautiful, none of them were too crowded.  This was perfect, because as a wine tasting noob and general instigator, I like to ask a LOT of questions.  I learned about grape cloning and grafting and a little more on how white wines get their flavor.  The dads picked up some cases, and I was glad to see a zinfandel that I liked (and that Lance will like!) was among to find a way to snag a bottle...

I worked on some top secret wedding projects today, and am SO excited to pick up my dress tomorrow! Lance is hopefully putting a deposit down on a town home this week, we're both very excited because it has a loft, and we are clearly easily enchanted by things like that.  Mostly we're excited because that is a BIG thing to get taken care of!

....and it has a loft!


I'm intimidated by

the 'title' section of blog posts.  As Lance can well vouch, I almost never include something in the 'subject' box of an email- I think it ruins the surprise of what the email is about! Plus, its hard to sum up everything you want to say with just a few words.  Since he's pointed out how irritating this is I've gotten cheeky and just put "an email" in the subject box, or "an email asking how your day was, complaining about wedding stuff, bugging you to help with wedding stuff,  detailing how cute my new (insert clothing item) is, and ending with I love/miss you".  Usually I attach a picture of a cute animal I want.

like this little ginger cutie!
I had a fantastic bridal shower on Thursday, it was great to see old and new friends and my family all together.  Again, people were so kind and generous with their gifts, I'm SO excited to get to use them! *Sappiness warning* I think its really awesome that things like the baking pans I've received will be used to make birthday cakes for Lance and I's family for years to come! *sappiness end*.
Merlin, the life of the party
Hit up downtown, Japantown and the Marina district (and a brief, terrifying stint south of Market street on muni) yesterday with Emily and AmandaI know getting married is like having a roommate times infinity- but I already miss living with these two! Per usual, we had fun people/clothes/dog watching.

Tonight I'm trying to convince Caroline to see Super 8 with me, and bugging Katie and Megan about what I should wear wine tasting tomorrow.  Ugh, San Francisco, Napa, even Vacaville- I miss California already!



So I mentioned in my last post about Sarah and I's garage sale, and am pleased to report that it wasn't a total failure!  We had a LOT of clothes, shoes, and accessories and frankly I think some people passed up some good stuff.  I told Sarah, "I don't get why people aren't buying this stuff- I mean, I would buy it!", to which she responded "well yeah, you did buy it!"-- and look where it is now!  Resisting the urge to re-sift through things, I took all my leftover items straight to the Opportunity House thrift store, and promptly used some of my tag sale proceeds to purchase vases to be used as centerpieces at the reception.  More than anything it was fun to spend the day with Sarah!

Lance and I skyped today, I think he was relieved to see that the haircut I got the other day left me with most of my hair.  Just these last few months we've started watching movies or television shows 'together' over skype or gchat- I wish we had done that earlier; even though its a little cheesy and awkward, its fun to know that we're both doing and watching the same thing and we can react to something together.  Today we watched another episode of Doctor Who. I've gotten him into watching it and have graciously agreed to hold off on watching newer episodes until we've caught up together.  If any of you watch Doctor Who, you know what a testament of my love this is! 

Patricia, Cousin Katie and I had a burger cook-off tonight, and while Katie is probably the winner, I definitely won for creativity.  My cheezit crusted burger was surprisingly tasty! Boy, am I going to make a create wife or what?!



well, ready as I'll ever be! Graduation has kicked off the biggest summer of my life and there is a LOT to be done.  This week I've started packing boxes to be shipped to Oklahoma, and boy does it feel good to watch my heaps of clothes shrink and organized stacks of boxes rise (it feels less good to lift said boxes).  Sarah and I are planning a tag sale for this weekend, and I've found its a lot easier to sort things into save and toss piles when you figure you may be able to make some money off the toss pile.  I'm also meeting with the wedding DJ soon to go over things we want played at the wedding- actually, interestingly enough, he asked for a 'do not play' list, saying that that is often a better guide. Currently that list is known between Lance and I as the Nickelback list.

Truthfully, my to-do list is a mile high, so if we're taking the title of this post, "ready", very seriously there is NO WAY I am ready! I haven't even packed my Harry Potter books yet! Internally though, I'm super ready to get going.  I can't wait to marry Lance and start our life together, even if it is in Oklahoma (I still maintain that most of the people are lovely, there is no traffic except when the train runs through the middle of town, and the weirdly flat landscape is a lot less lame if you imagine yourself to be on some distant tornado-ridden planet--VISIT ME).

Currently I haven't got any job lined up, so hopefully I'll be able to find something fun to do and that will allow me to meet interesting people, and this blog won't turn into a synopsis of whatever episodes of Torchwood I watch every day.