Higitus Figitus

Remember the Disney movie "The Sword in the Stone"? Well in it, Merlin, after being asked to teach baby King Arthur, needs to pack up all his wizardly belongings and owl, Archimedes- and because he's a wizard there is a convenient little spell to do this for him.  Observe:

At this point, if having that ability meant growing a beard like Merlin, I would still take it. 

So far this week has been fun and busy, I got to see a lot of my friends, hang out with family, and finalize a few things with our vendors.  Yesterday Ms. Kathey took me to Walnut Creek to pick out a special perfume for the wedding- something I hadn't even thought about! It was a fun experience, I must admit I had NO idea that selecting a perfume was so complicated.  The consultant, a lively Colombian woman named Sylvia, asked all kinds of questions; about the weather, my dress, my hair, my favorite flowers, etc., etc. Chance by Chanel was the winning one!

Full disclosure, I'm only writing this post to avoid dealing with this: 

Even if this little ham is helping!


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