My family is pretty cool

 A complimentary soda tasting! How cute!
 My lovely Megan <3

Wine tasting for Father's Day was SO much fun! We hit up a few places in Sonoma, and even though the weather was beautiful, none of them were too crowded.  This was perfect, because as a wine tasting noob and general instigator, I like to ask a LOT of questions.  I learned about grape cloning and grafting and a little more on how white wines get their flavor.  The dads picked up some cases, and I was glad to see a zinfandel that I liked (and that Lance will like!) was among to find a way to snag a bottle...

I worked on some top secret wedding projects today, and am SO excited to pick up my dress tomorrow! Lance is hopefully putting a deposit down on a town home this week, we're both very excited because it has a loft, and we are clearly easily enchanted by things like that.  Mostly we're excited because that is a BIG thing to get taken care of!

....and it has a loft!


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