I'm intimidated by

the 'title' section of blog posts.  As Lance can well vouch, I almost never include something in the 'subject' box of an email- I think it ruins the surprise of what the email is about! Plus, its hard to sum up everything you want to say with just a few words.  Since he's pointed out how irritating this is I've gotten cheeky and just put "an email" in the subject box, or "an email asking how your day was, complaining about wedding stuff, bugging you to help with wedding stuff,  detailing how cute my new (insert clothing item) is, and ending with I love/miss you".  Usually I attach a picture of a cute animal I want.

like this little ginger cutie!
I had a fantastic bridal shower on Thursday, it was great to see old and new friends and my family all together.  Again, people were so kind and generous with their gifts, I'm SO excited to get to use them! *Sappiness warning* I think its really awesome that things like the baking pans I've received will be used to make birthday cakes for Lance and I's family for years to come! *sappiness end*.
Merlin, the life of the party
Hit up downtown, Japantown and the Marina district (and a brief, terrifying stint south of Market street on muni) yesterday with Emily and AmandaI know getting married is like having a roommate times infinity- but I already miss living with these two! Per usual, we had fun people/clothes/dog watching.

Tonight I'm trying to convince Caroline to see Super 8 with me, and bugging Katie and Megan about what I should wear wine tasting tomorrow.  Ugh, San Francisco, Napa, even Vacaville- I miss California already!


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