well, ready as I'll ever be! Graduation has kicked off the biggest summer of my life and there is a LOT to be done.  This week I've started packing boxes to be shipped to Oklahoma, and boy does it feel good to watch my heaps of clothes shrink and organized stacks of boxes rise (it feels less good to lift said boxes).  Sarah and I are planning a tag sale for this weekend, and I've found its a lot easier to sort things into save and toss piles when you figure you may be able to make some money off the toss pile.  I'm also meeting with the wedding DJ soon to go over things we want played at the wedding- actually, interestingly enough, he asked for a 'do not play' list, saying that that is often a better guide. Currently that list is known between Lance and I as the Nickelback list.

Truthfully, my to-do list is a mile high, so if we're taking the title of this post, "ready", very seriously there is NO WAY I am ready! I haven't even packed my Harry Potter books yet! Internally though, I'm super ready to get going.  I can't wait to marry Lance and start our life together, even if it is in Oklahoma (I still maintain that most of the people are lovely, there is no traffic except when the train runs through the middle of town, and the weirdly flat landscape is a lot less lame if you imagine yourself to be on some distant tornado-ridden planet--VISIT ME).

Currently I haven't got any job lined up, so hopefully I'll be able to find something fun to do and that will allow me to meet interesting people, and this blog won't turn into a synopsis of whatever episodes of Torchwood I watch every day.



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