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I'm not sure that "Enoids" is the technical term for residents of Enid, America, but they've come to be affectionately known as that in our household.  For the most part, the Enoid is a friendly and hospitable creature, eager to help and generally easy going; they reside in the flat, humid, and climatically volatile region of Northern Oklahoma. 

Although the Californian is not an enemy to the Enoid- I'm starting to think that its not best that they share a habitat.

There is definitely a difference 'pace of life' here, and it mainly manifests itself in the literal pace at which people choose to walk--actually, its not even a walk, its a mozy.  I don't care how or at what speed people move, just as long as they stay out of my way, but they cannot seem to do that here.  Be it walking down aisles at grocery stores, waiting for them to stop walking right down the middle of the parking lot lane, I feel like I'm always slamming on the brakes (sometimes I actually am- they also drive at least 5 miles UNDER the speed limit at all times!).  I finally laid on the horn at a guy in the Walmart parking lot yesterday- I couldn't handle it anymore.

Earlier I called the Enoid friendly, and truly they are some of the kindest people you'll meet.  I'd have never thought it possible to be rude while being kind- but after waiting in line upwards of 5 minutes while I wait for the cashier to finish a menial conversation with the person in front of me, I'm seeing that its possible. 

My earlier 2 gripes can be considered harmless, and I'm sure I'll acclimate better to them- but I don't think I'll ever get over the way some people speak to me here.  I know that they are well meaning, but being referred to as 'sweetheart' by acquaintances in professional settings is just not ok- especially when they refer to Lance as 'sir'!  I was told to 'stay cute' by a school office worker, and to 'sign my name like a big girl' at a cash register. 

7 months left?



Oklahoma is to Texas like what Canada is to the US--its hat.  But where America is obviously intensely awesomer and, well, better than its northern neighbor, Texas is just plain old scary.  There were several presumptions I had before venturing to Dallas with Lance for the long weekend:

1. they all like football
2. same topic: Dallas Cowboys fans are second only to Raider fans in their level of annoyance and general danger. Avoid them.
3. the food may not be that bad?
4. Big hair, rhinestones, cowboy/girl boots, hats
5. inordinate amount of home pride--I mean, its not California afterall!

Dallas proved to be more cosmopolitan a city than I expected, and therefore didn't prove to be an ideal testing ground for these theories.  Football talk was abundant though, as Cowboy Stadium was home to the Oregon v. LSU game and our hotel was full of Tiger fans.  The crowds made for good people watching as we went out on Friday night. 

Saturday we hit up Six Flags Over Texas, it was a really hot day, but they had some great rides so it was totally worth it.  The biggest ride, pictured below, is the Titan- it has a 26 story drop! We went on it twice.  I actually didn't really like it though- while I'm fine with big drops and going fast, this coaster really had you pulling G's- I even lost color vision =/  I preferred a new wooden coaster there, the Texas Giant.

Sunday, we went to mass and then walked around the historic part of downtown, where they have a pretty big museum about Dallas history that is right around the corner from the site of the Kennedy assassination.  I felt a little morbid going to see the site of such a sad event, but it was interesting to really see the layout of the scene. 
this is the building Oswald fired from

there were white X's on the ground, marking where the car was when the bullets reached it
Sunday night, though, was the supreme highlight of our trip, can you guess why?

For real though, it was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that police had to direct the drive thru lane traffic out into the street since there were so many people that wanted it! BONUS: after that we got lost and found a giant bookstore FULL of cheap books, we each got a few, and this little gem:

It was a really fun trip, and one we may make again before our sentence here is up.  I'd like to get some more authentic Texan food next time- we went to a Hoffbrau steakhouse and a BBQ place called Sonny Bryans and really did not like either of them- and maybe take better advantage of the mainstream stores they have there. 

Things in Enid have cooled off weather wise which is so incredible.  I'm at a weird point in my job search, torn between sticking with the temp/subbing thing until dream job comes, or finally biting the bullet and following up on some of the resumes I've sent out for jobs I don't really want.  Lance is in the final block of T-6 training and should have his last checkride next week, he's looking forward to some time off after that!