So I mentioned in my last post about Sarah and I's garage sale, and am pleased to report that it wasn't a total failure!  We had a LOT of clothes, shoes, and accessories and frankly I think some people passed up some good stuff.  I told Sarah, "I don't get why people aren't buying this stuff- I mean, I would buy it!", to which she responded "well yeah, you did buy it!"-- and look where it is now!  Resisting the urge to re-sift through things, I took all my leftover items straight to the Opportunity House thrift store, and promptly used some of my tag sale proceeds to purchase vases to be used as centerpieces at the reception.  More than anything it was fun to spend the day with Sarah!

Lance and I skyped today, I think he was relieved to see that the haircut I got the other day left me with most of my hair.  Just these last few months we've started watching movies or television shows 'together' over skype or gchat- I wish we had done that earlier; even though its a little cheesy and awkward, its fun to know that we're both doing and watching the same thing and we can react to something together.  Today we watched another episode of Doctor Who. I've gotten him into watching it and have graciously agreed to hold off on watching newer episodes until we've caught up together.  If any of you watch Doctor Who, you know what a testament of my love this is! 

Patricia, Cousin Katie and I had a burger cook-off tonight, and while Katie is probably the winner, I definitely won for creativity.  My cheezit crusted burger was surprisingly tasty! Boy, am I going to make a create wife or what?!


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