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Bringing Sexy Back

Today while shelving books at the library, a dirty looking man with a shirt with a picture of a squirrel saying 'I'm bringing sexy back' on it, rounded the corner, stared right at me and said "Oh. There you are."  He then came right up to me and asked "Do you know where the books on demon possession are? Like, finding out if you are possessed by a demon?". I managed to calmly direct him to the non-fiction section.  After looking around to see if I was on a hidden camera show, I remembered that NOPE I JUST LIVE IN ENID.


The Rodeo

Last weekend Lance and I spent a day with friends at the Lazy-E Arena in Guthrie to take in our first rodeo! I wore a flannel plaid shirt to commemorate the event, Lance could not be convinced to match me, unfortunately.  My urge is to say that the rodeo was not what I was expecting, because I'm not sure quite what I was expecting.  Did I really think cowboys on horses simply and gently roped a calf and then ushered it from the arena, taking care not to jerk on its precious baby cow neck?  My shrieks at the sight of the cows being yanked off their feet suggest that yes, I was indeed quite naive.  My favorite event was 'steer wrestling', where the cowboy and a partner sandwich a calf in between their charging horses, only for the cowboy to then LEAP from his horse, onto the cow to wrestle it to the ground.  I'd like to add that these cows have horns!

A photo of aforementioned leaping
After the rodeo we feasted on some good ole' burgers n' pop at Pop's on Route 66, the burgers were decent, the onion rings better, and the soda bottles we picked up have been fun to try out! Whenever we have the chance to try out new or weird sodas, we are definitely up for the task- we'll definitely be picking some more soda up the next time we're nearby!

I mentioned in my last post how Lance and I are starting to really process how close we are to finding out what adventure is in store for us next.  Neither of us seem to be good at this waiting game (is anyone, really?)- but its safe to say that we're obviously projecting this anxiousness onto other aspects of our lives.  For Lance, this has included fastidiously researching fireproof safes, lock boxes, and possible investment opportunities.  For my part, I'd have to say the house has rarely been cleaner, and I spent most of yesterday compiling a-more-than-comprehensive tornado/emergency survival kit containing waterproofed papers with our respective medical histories and contact information for pretty much everyone we know. I also tested several parts of our house for their accessibility, comfort, and safety in case of emergency.  The fact that we are crazy is not lost on us, but admittedly it feels nice to exact some sort of control on the parts of our lives that we can control!