About Me

Yes, I have a blog. Stop laughing at me.

I'm California kid headed to rural Oklahoma to hang out with the guy I love on a more permanent basis.  Whenever I tell people where I'm moving, without fail, I'm greeted with raised eyebrows, a quivering smile, and a response somewhere along the lines of 'well that will be an adventure!'.  People also said this to me when I told them my mom was making our family go on holiday to a Shakespeare festival one year.

Clearly 'adventure' is some warning code meaning that you'll be surrounded by strange people that you think are speaking English, but using words and accents you can't understand? (the lady doth protest to much, ya'll thinks?)  I'm hoping the dress code in Oklahoma is a little less dramatic than the one at the Shakespeare festival.

In truth I do see adventure in moving somewhere new, being a newlywed, searching for my first post-college job, and meeting new people.  No swashbuckling, alien zapping, wizardry adventure, but an adventure none the less.