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Quick Update

A few weeks ago Lance received his pilot wings- officially making him an Air Force pilot! It was great to have my dad, his parents, and Cathy & Chad in town to celebrate, and the base did a surprisingly nice job at making the event nice (they do perform graduations every 3 weeks- so a whole lot of sincerity and romance was not expected!).  

We're hoping to take a trip for a few weeks starting tomorrow, keeping mum on details in case everything falls through getting last minute leave.  I will say that its sort of a delayed honeymoon, and definitely not to the beach! With Lance gone in Florida for water survival this week, I spent a lot of time planning and making (refundable) reservations.

As always, there's a photo gallery to the right of this screen- things are a little hectic pulling things together right now so I don't have time to download photos, but I frequently take pictures on my phone that will show up there!