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With a new year, I think its a good idea to get back into keeping this blog- especially since this will be such a crazy one! 2012 is a gypsy year for us, with Lance graduating UPT in April, we'll soon find out where he does his follow on training, and eventually where we'll be for 3 (ish) years afterward.  I'm hoping to get a lot of traveling in,  and maybe even take our postponed honeymoon??

The last few months of 2011 were busy, exciting, sad, and trying.  The job I gushed about in my last post turned out to be a bust and not at all what I was told to expect, while I liked being busy and making money, it just wasn't worth the ethical and emotional toll.  While moving on was upsetting, I know now that it is definitely for the best! PLUS that meant Lance and I could spend a lot more time in California for the holidays!

We got to do so much fun stuff while home, but the best part was just hanging out with family and friends.  We went to St. Helena for a day with my family, where we window-shopped and wine-tasted (Lance has been bitten by the bug!), got to spend a whole day with Aaron, Rachel, and our adorable nieces in their new home, and had a laughter filled afternoon in Davis with Lance's parents- along with a lot of needed 'chilling out' with everyone.

Christmas day was spent in a perpetual food coma (Just kidding- the whole break was spent in a food coma...) at our house and the Nealon's, and we brought in the new year with fireworks by the river with Sarah and her sister.  I loved being able to host Sara and I's annual Christmas party with our friends from high school again this year too!

Coming home to Enid was tough, being home with Lance makes me realize all over again how much I love our family (well, and frankly how weird they are!), but I'm excited about the promise of this year. Already I'm lining up some new volunteer jobs and craft projects, setting up dates with friends, and planning a few weekend trips- and Lance and I both have been hitting the gym a lot to get rid of holiday poundage!   I'll try to post more so these blogs aren't all just general summaries of a few months at a time!

(PS- this post was sans photos, but, as usual, check the photostream at the right to see what we've been up to most recently!)


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