3 Day Weekend

Not sure why its taken me until Friday night to post about last weekend, seeing as I meant to do this on Monday.  It was a busier week though, I volunteered at the library a few days and got called in to substitute teach at the high school today (it was blissfully uneventful!).

Lance had a three day weekend last week, and we kicked it off by kicking our 2 weeks of healthy eating to the curb, but the first taste of Pond Creek Barbeque's smoked baby back ribs made any feelings of regret melt away like meat from the bone.  Their potato salad wasn't as awesome as I remembered, but all in all it was worth the 35 minute trek to the shack in the middle of nowhere.

Saturday morning we volunteered for Habitat for Humanity with Lance's class.  Rory Gilmore made it look a lot cuter and more productive than it actually seemed to be, and it didn't help that it was freezing. My contributions included helping to hold up walls (no, that isn't euphemism, they actually needed help standing!) and fetching 2 drill bits- one of them was even the correct one! Lance, ever his father's son was really proactive about all the building stuff.  That night we had Kristen and Jordan over for game night which was a lot of fun! We tried out a trivia game we got for Christmas, 'Smart-Ass'.

Sunday was spent at the gym, then Church, then a whole lot of nothing, then some planning for our Monday trip to Tulsa. By planning, I mean looking at the website for the Philbrook Art Museum in Tulsa to make sure they weren't closed on Martin Luther King Junior Day- and they weren't!

....they are, however, closed on all Mondays- a fact we only came to realize as we saw it posted on their front gates.  That was my big plan for the day, and although its no de Young- I was really looking forward to it! The trip wasn't a total waste, as we went to Kilkenny's Irish Pub.  I was a little skeptical when Lance insisted on eating there; there are a lot of reasons to be proud I'm Irish, but the food isn't high on the list! I got a cottage pie which was great- but would probably have been better if it wasn't a freak temperature day of 72 degrees.  Lance got a burger that was cooked in red wine, it was very tasty and I think I'll try and make something similar.

We ended up coming back earlier than planned, I imagine we'll try to venture into Tulsa again- this time with better planning! Coming back early had one benefit though-if you've been wondering about our latest apartment woes, you're in luck, because per usual this place never fails to be falling apart somewhere.  This time it was our upstairs neighbor's washing machine that led to a waterfall from our kitchen light fixture- and I mean a ton  of water! Its all cleaned up now, and there isn't any permanent damage- but its just the most recent in a long string of maintenance issues we've had here. I called the housing office on base to see what they would do, and both they and Lance called with strong words for our landlord.  We've been promised that things will change, and I really hope they do- since we only have a few more months here it doesn't seem worth moving, but I get scared that we won't be so lucky next time and something will get damaged (other than the time plaster fell and hit me in the head in the middle of the night, of course).



  1. Love your post. Had dinner at Los Reyes with your Mom & Kathy Severin on Tues. night. Just the girls.

  2. Forgot to mention...today I got those Eric Michael boots I liked in the Davis store when you guys were here. Ordered them from Nordstrom's.

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