Something Good This Way Comes

I'll cut right to the chase here- I GOT A JOB! After what seems like a million interviews, but was probably more, its such a relief to finally be hired for a permanent position (especially since my current temp job is slowly sucking my soul).  I'll be working at the front end at a local doctor's office, specializing in spinal pain, and there seems to be a few opportunities for me to expand on that position. 

So come Monday morning I'll be pulling up to my new job, in my new CAR! Lance surprised me by getting a car I had test driven and loved in OKC while I was away in California last weekend.  Its a 2009 Pontiac Vibe, aptly named the TARDIS for its lovely blue color.   

I realize it seems like I'm bragging a lot in this post, and I'll be the first to admit that I am- but after a 3 month long unemployment stint in the MiddleofnowhereAmerica, I think I deserve it!

Things hadn't been so bad pre-car and job, I mentioned earlier that I made a trip home to California.  It was great to see my family and friends, I've missed them so much! The highlight of my weekend was just spending time with everyone, but getting some good food was a definite perk.  Between breakfast in Napa, Taco's Jalisco for lunch, In n' Out for dinner, an Irish brunch, and drinks with Megan (not all on the same day!) I was one happy girl. 

After only being gone for 3 days, I felt like such a weenie for missing Lance so much- especially since we've gone a lot longer without seeing eachother! We had a relaxing weekend at home, enjoying the last few weeks where he has a chill academics schedule.  He hits the flight line again next week, and with that comes 4:30 showtimes; I'm definitely glad that I've got a job since he'll be so busy!


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