The thing I'm Best at Making

Is a MESS!  I'm still getting the hang of how to cook meals so they're done at the right time and so I have time to prepare stuff to go along with them. Basically I'm a big fan of one-dish entrees, like salads or tacos!  Its fun cooking for two, figuring out what 'works' and doesn't (apparently Mexican food 5 nights a week isn't as popular with Lance as it is with me?) and just trying new things.

In addition to cooking, I've been trying my hand at a few DIY projects around the house; it helps that this week I found a desk at a thrift store that I can now use to work from, because stepping on sewing pins did NOT go over well in a house of people that prefer going barefoot!  The desk really didn't need much actual work, one of the veneers needed some glue, the screws needed tightening, and some new knobs really spruced it up.

On it you can see the  beginning phases of a 'coral' painting I made for our room.  Almost all of our bedding is blue and white, and Lance said he liked a sea theme- but since fish and shells are just so mainstream I went with everyone's favorite polyp (bonus: they're a lot easier to paint than fish or shells).  Today I added some white stripes to give it some dimension, I'll be the first to admit that its no masterpiece, but it'll do for now!

I've got a few other little things in the works, like pillow covers and some more wall art things.  After attenting Spouse's Coffee Night this week I not only met a lot of great girls, but was introduced to "Pinterest"- where I've found a TON of cool craft ideas!  Lance is out of town this weekend for training, so I've spent mine at Hobby Lobby and in front of a sewing machine.  Just kidding- I spent a good chuck of it doing that, but tonight I've been chillin with some pinot and The Tudors on Netflix.

Other than playing house this was an eventful week: I mentioned going to Spouse's Coffee Night which was so fun! I was a big apprehensive walking into a house full of strangers, but everyone was really friendly, and it helped that there were a lot of newcomers =)

Enid isn't exactly a hotbed of career opportunity. I've been looking for a job and met with an adviser at the Family Readiness Center that was really helpful, I'm hoping something regular and career enhancing comes in soon, but in case it doesn't I registered with a local temp agency.  People there sure were weird (a lengthy post on 'Enoids' is in the works!), 2 separate people showed up with Big Gulp sodas going into interviews! Its pretty disheartening to go from framing my diploma one day to finding out I've got a data-entry assignment the next, but I'm thankful to HAVE a job and something to do and am hoping something good comes out of it. 

The national news has talked a lot about the massive heat wave that Oklahoma has felt the brunt of (at least, I hear they've talked about it, we don't have cable) and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.  The picture at right is of a dust tornado that I'm not actually sure has anything to do with the heat, but it looks like it could be relevant so whatever.  Lance has had some pretty miserable days out on the tarmac in the heat, and I try to make the best of it at home by staying inside or going to the pool and drinking a LOT of water (and sweet tea).


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