A photoless post about a productive-ish day

Edit: In my last post, I said I accepted a 'public teaching' job.  While my misspell could have been worse, I meant to put 'substitute teaching' job!

And now for something completely different.

I finished up my temp job today, 3 days early.  They fired me.  Just kidding! I finished all my work early and they didn't need me anymore.  Its a little disheartening to be out of work (and the $$ that come with it) for 3 more days, but overall it was a great experience.  At first there was a lot of looking up stuff and data entry, but towards the end I had a few projects that involved analyzing and writing up reports on data for various issues- it was cool that my boss told me the objective and let me figure out the best way to get there.  

My, now former!, boss and I went out to lunch and I clocked out shortly thereafter, and, stupidly, decided to go for a run when I got home.  While I've been working out, now that we don't live on base getting to the gym is a bigger task- and frankly I've dropped the ball!  Truthfully I miss being outside a lot, its been to hot and buggy to really do much out of doors. Today would have been a good day to hit the gym though, because its a whopping 105 degrees outside as I type this.  My computer at work's weather is set to Fayetteville for some mystery reason and I always forget this, like I did today when I thought that Enid could only be 92 degrees--ya right.  After staggering around our neighborhood, crawling home, and plopping on the carpet I stumbled over to the pool (are you getting how dramatic this is? Its really frickin hot!).

Now that I'm all showered and cleaned up I'm about to get ready for a Spouse's Social tonight, the theme of which is "Survivor: Enid"- we're supposed to learn about fun things to do in here, I'm hoping the bug eating is kept to a minimum.  I'm really looking forward to hanging out with and getting to know more of the spouses here!

Lance is still doing formation flying and has late show-times all week, with a possible matinee on Sunday. AKA he's busy and gets home late.  They're trying to push him through the program, which will mean he finishes earlier which will hopefully mean he has some time off- fingers crossed!


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