Christina the Temp

get it? Like Ryan the Temp from the Office? Anyway, lack of blog posts can be explained by the fact that I've been 'working'- I have a temp job for 3 weeks in the office of a local food company.  Its a LOT of data entry and not particularly invigorating, but I'm learning a little and I know I'm gaining experience.
 Because I don't have any job lined up afterward, I've also signed on as a substitute teacher for one of the local school districts, figuring I like kids and I like bossing people around, it'd be perfect.  Turns out a lot of the jobs are at the local high school, which would be fine except that when I showed up at the high school for a teacher meeting they thought I was a new student!

Lance and I went into the city with Ralph and Corey this past weekend so the guys could get fitted for tuxes for Ralph's upcoming wedding (SO EXCITED!).  Ralph's a bit taller than both of them though, so the one sample jacket they ordered didn't quite fit!

After that we wandered around Bricktown in downtown Oklahoma City and attempted to go 'wine' tasting.  Nobody seems to believe me when I say there are wineries here, and you're probably right because whatever this was it wasn't wine! It was easy to tell it had been artificially enhanced, and while peach soda tastes great, it doesn't taste like what Chardonnay should taste like!

My favorite part of the weekend was going to an Oklahoma City Redhawks game.  Baseball games are always fun, be here they made an especially good effort to involve the crowd and get everyone excited.  I noticed while we were there that a lot of people had black and white Redhawks hats that it appeared the stadium was giving away.  On our way out I asked a boy working at the gate where everyone got them, and he said they were given out to season ticket holders.  Seeing my disappointment he GAVE me a hat! Wasn't that nice?!?  I wore it the rest of the weekend- its like wearing good karma on your head.

I'm off to pick Lance up from his first formation flight- meaning he flies 3-10 feet away from another plane. HE I know will be great at it, its whoever he flies with that makes me nervous! Check the photostream for a picture of the storm rolling in!



  1. We also have a "local Winery" in freaking Del Rio, TX. I'm rather weary of it? Glad you guys had such a great weekend though despite that disastrous trip :)

  2. Before this weekend I would have said go for it- even little Enid has a winery--but you're probably better off sticking with what the BX has!

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