A post about our new house and another really big bug

We're pretty much all moved in now! Save for a few boxes with knickknacks, its so nice to have everything in its place- and we have a LOT of places to put stuff.  As I said in my last post, our townhome  (aside- do we call it a house? apartment? what? townhome sounds real dweeby!) has one bedroom downstairs and a loft upstairs that we use as our bedroom.  I've been trying to fill empty spaces as best I can without spending tooooo much money and knowing that its better to wait for pieces I really like than to just buy stuff to fill voids- so currently there's a large corner of our downstairs living area that is empty.  Lance and I have been brainstorming about what to put in there, so far we've come up with:

  • a pool table
  • a foosball table (gee, who came up with those ideas I wonder...)
  • a giant repica TARDIS
  • a reading nook
  • a dog bed, with a dog to put in it
  • an arts and crafts table
We are open to suggestions.  Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the other parts of downstairs:

We went to a party last week that Lance's class held to celebrate their first solo flights.  In a tradition borrowed from the Navy, all the students wear ties.  Instructor pilots come and tell funny stories about each student's flying misadventures, and then cut the tie- where they cut it is indicative of how hard they were to solo, higher up means they were really tough, lower down meant they were awesome.  There are even stories of some people's whole tie getting cut off! Lance's cut was somewhere in the middle. I held my own at understanding all the pilot jargon, otherwise I just laughed when everyone else laughed!  ('oh, he botched his ELP and fell out the bottom of the area because he didn't check his data card in preflight? You're right, that IS the funniest thing I've EVER heard! *charming laughter*')
It was fun to meet more people from Lance's class and see people I had met before, and I even met a few wives and girlfriends, everyone is super friendly.  The party was preeeeetty crazy though, so I don't know that it was really conducive to having a great conversation with someone, but I really look forward to getting to know everyone more. 

It rained here on Sunday, which truly is a blessing, especially if you consult with all the church signs in Enid saying to "pray for rain".  Living in such an agrarian community is different, you'd think it would mean there would be better quality produce in the stores, but no.  The base is surrounded by fields:
 Bonus points if you can spot the difference in my profile- if you noticed the big bump on my nose, you win! I dropped something on my face and suspect I broke my nose, it hurt a lot all weekend, but the bump has gone down a little!

Summer rain is still a weird concept to me, if its raining I should be in duckboots and a slicker, not shorts and a tanktop!  Anyway, while the rain brought many good things with it, it also brought a ton of these uggos:
I thought there was one following me everywhere until I saw that they were all over the ground! You can't see the scale of them in the picture, but they're about 2 1/2 inches long! Lance said there were a bunch of them flopping around on the runway too.

By now you may have noticed the 'flickr photostream' to the right of this column- there you'll find photos that are added and updated a lot more regularly than I update this blog!

Also, if you've got time to read my dumb blog, you have time to do this:


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  1. So happy to see the lovely Kitchen Aid has found a home! Your home looks lovely, and for the record, I vote for the dog to go in the corner ;)

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