The Chimney Bird that we maybe, hopefully, probably didn't kill?

Birds must just love Oklahoma because of all the juicy bugs we have here, and they seem to like our roof in particular.  Sometimes it seems like just a matter of time before the pigeons that congregate on the skylight above our room come pouring in!  Starting a few days ago I heard a fluttering noise in the chimney. I figured the sound was coming from the top on the outside and simply traveling down into our living room, but it quickly became clear that the sound was, in fact, coming from the chimney. 

 Distressed at the thought of a pigeon being trapped in our chimney I waited it out to see if it escaped, the noise stopped so I hoped that was the case- and not that the poor thing had died.  The noise stopped, but picked up again the next day, and the next. That nerd was living in our chimney.

After a few failed attempts at pounding at the wall and blaring youtube clips of Peregrine Falcon territory protection calls, the only thing I seemed to be tempting to leave was Lance.  So we decided to smoke it out, figuring that if it could get into the chimney, it could easily get out, right?  With us armed with cardboard boxes and a fly swatter, the fire was started, the flue was opened, and the grate was shut. 

Into the flames flew a tiny soot covered bird.  We flung the grate open, releasing our squatter into our living room, then the kitchen, then straight past the open door into the office- with Lance in hot pursuit. 

It was finally goaded out the front door, clearly shaken, but then again I'd be pretty torn up too if the bottom of my house opened up into a fiery inferno.


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